About Aurilux Satin Finished Polyester

  satin finished polyester with the brilliance of rayon. 


Aurilux is made of 100% polyester. The satin finish endows the thread with an extra-ordinary depth and luminosity of colour creating a brilliance to rival the best rayon threads.

Quilters love these decorative threads for machine quilting and they are excellent for machine embroidery. 

The added benefit of a generous 1100 metre spool makes it possible to finish your design with minimum spool changes and thread breaks.

Conveniently packaged with a thread retainer base. Gently remove base to release thread for sewing & replace base when ready to lock thread tails for storage.


 Aurilux threads are identified by the white spool spindle & base. 

Colour Range:

The revised colour range of Aurilux, Ne 36/2 ply, is available in 192 solid, and 24 variegated colours, a total of 216 colours. 
Aurilux Colour chart columns 1 to 3Aurilux Colour chart columns 4 to 6
Aurilux Colour chart columns 7 to 9Aurilux Colour chart columns 10 to 12
Aurilux Colour chart columns 13 to 15Aurilux Colour chart columns 16 to 18

25 discontinued colours are still available. Please inquire.


Suggested Uses:

  • Ideal when a touch of jazz & sparkle is required for machine quilting.
  • Also suitable for  machine lace making
  • Excellent for embroidery embellishment 
  • Fun for freeform embroidery & thread painting
  • Choose Gold 5606 & Silver 5728 as great mock metallic substitutes for true metallic threads when stitching on items that will be subject to frequent use.


It is important to note that, unlike rayon thread,  polyester thread retains it’s strength when wet. This makes it the ideal choice for quilting when a touch of glitz is desired. The single lines of quilting stitching will hold, with out breaking, when the quilt is washed.

  • Aurilux is machine washable and colour fast under normal laundering conditions.
  • Avoid the use of chlorine bleach as it may damage some thread colours.
  • Press with a cool iron 

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