About Cotton Mako’

Cotton Mako' Standard spools

Aurifil Cotton Mako’ thread is made using the best long staple Egyptian cotton making it strong, smooth and relatively fuzz free.

The long fibres, and the mercerising treatment used during manufacturing, produces a thread with a high sheen and superior strength which is available in 270 colours, including 36 variegated colours. 
Aurifil Cotton Mako’ is recommended for any purpose where a reliable, high quality 100% cotton thread is desired. 
It is ideal for all forms of patchwork, machine quilting & embroidery, hand quilting & embroidery and bobbin lace work.
Cotton Mako’ is packaged in 4 thread weights so that you can choose the best thread for your purpose.
Ne 80      Ne 50      Ne 40     Ne 28     Ne 12
The Ne number is used to identify the thickness of the thread.
The higher the number the finer the thread eg:   Ne 80 is the finest and Ne 12 is the thickest thread in the Mako’ range.
Spool holders are colour coded to identify thread type & thread weight.
Ne 80     WOODEN
Ne 50     ORANGE
Ne 40     GREEN
Ne 28     GREY
Ne 12      RED

Aurifil Cotton Mako' large spools


The generous size of the standard spools makes it possible to finish a design with a minimum number of spool changes.

The standard spools are conveniently packaged with a thread retainer base.


Gently twist the base to release thread for sewing & then tighten the base when ready to lock thread tails for storage.


A neat way to tidy up those flapping and tangling loose ends!

Watch Pat Sloan talking about the Aurifil Cotton Mako’ Thread weights then read on below to choose the weight which best suits your needs:

Cotton Mako’ Ne 80  English Paper Piecing & Hand Applique


Cotton Mako’ Ne 80 is packaged on the wodden spool base

Made of 100% long staple Egyptian cotton 

Available on 280mt spools and in 88 colours

AURI cart. cot. CMYB interno NEW crocini OK.cdr


Cotton Mako’ Ne 50  Embroidery & Appliqué weight 


Cotton Mako’ Ne 50 is packaged on the orange spool base

Made of 100% long staple Egyptian cotton 

Available on 1,300 metre spool or 200 metre mini spools


Suggested Uses:

This fine, but strong, thread produces a subtle effect when used for machine quilting


It is possible to achieve very detailed quilting without an unsightly build up of thread on the quilt.

It is a great alternative to silk thread for hand appliqué as cotton Mako’ Ne50 beds down into the background for an invisible finish.  


Machine appliqué will have a fine delicate finish without the bulky finish of some heavier threads.

Ideal for machine piecing, it makes a neat flat, accurate seam with precise points and less bulk.


When used for foundation & paper piecing choose a slightly smaller stitch than used for general piecing and you will find that the papers will tear away with ease.

Recommended for use in the bobbin when machine quilting with  any slippery decorative threads.

Perfect for miniature patchwork projects

Also popular for bobbin lace making

A size 70 /75 needle is recommended

Cotton Mako’ Ne 40– Universal Piecing & Quilting weight


Cotton Mako’ Ne 40 is packaged on the green spool base

Made with 100% long staple Egyptian cotton 

Available on a 1000 metre spool & a 150 metre spool


Suggested Uses:

It is an extremely versatile thread for general sewing, patchwork piecing, machine quilting, machine embroidery & appliqué. 


Achieve beautiful results when machine quilting.


Patchwork piecingJ_Scanlon_lace

Machine embroidery

Universal general purpose sewing

Hand piecing

Bobbin lace making

Suitable Domestic & Longarm quilting machines

A size 75 /80 needle recommended

Cotton Mako’ Ne 28  – Decorative Quilting weight


Cotton Mako’ Ne 28 is packaged on the grey spool base

Made of 100% long staple Egyptian cotton 

Available on a 750 metre spool & a 100 spool

Cotton Mako’ 28 is a slightly thicker thread.


Suggested Uses:

Ideal when a more defined machine quilting stitch is desired. 


Also suitable for top stitching & blanket stitch appliqué by hand or machine

Ne28 applique-web

Excellent for embellishment

S Matthews banksia Mako28

Machine embroidery


Hand quilting


Hand embroidery


Suitable for domestic & longarm quilting machines

A size 90 needle recommended

Cotton Mako’ Ne 12  – Super Decorative Thread


Cotton Mako’ Ne 12 is packaged on the red spool base

Made from 100% long staple Egyptian cotton

Available on a 325 metre spool & 50 metre spool

Thickest thread in the Cotton Mako’ range


Suggested Uses:

Ideal when a heavily defined machine quilting stitch is desired.Christmas-postcards-web

Suitable for top stitching by hand or machinePam_sashiko3


Blanket stitch appliqué by hand or machineBlossom1-web

Excellent for embellishment & hand quilting


Creative decorative textile art 


Popular in Europe for heavy machine embroidered lace

Replaces stranded threads for hand embroidering


A size 100 needle recommended


Care Instructions:

Cotton Mako’ is machine washable and colour fast under normal laundering conditions. However, it is recommended that you avoid the use of chlorine and strong detergents, containing bleaching agents, as these may damage some thread colours.

  • Maximum washing temperature 60oC
  • Maximum ironing temperature 150oC
  • May be Dry Cleaned

Colour Range:

There are 270 colours in the full colour range of Cotton Mako’ threads, including 36 variegated colours.

Download a Printable Aurifil Cotton Mako’ Colour Chart

Thread wrapped colour charts are available for purchase for the ultimate accuracy when colour matching.


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