Aurifil Thread FAQs

How many spools of thread will I need to quilt my quilt?

Well, I can’t tell you how much thread you will use on your quilt because there are so many variables –

  • size of quilt
  • quilting design
  • weight of thread


However I CAN tell you how to estimate your future thread usage after you have recorded your thread usage on one quilt.
Count the number of bobbins used and multiply by 2.
Note the quilting density for your future reference
Then use the following calculator to “guestimate” future thread usage:

Aurifil Thread weight

Domestic Machines

“L” size


 Longarm Machines

“M” size


 Cotton Mako’ 50 75 metres 130 metres
 Cotton Mako’ 40 50 metres 100 metres
 Cotton Mako’ 28 43 metres 75 metres

How do I stop the thread slipping off the Aurilux spools?
All shiny polyester & rayon threads have a tendency to slip and fall off the spool rather than feeding off smoothly. This can cause the stitches to loop and the thread to catch on the thread guides.
To prevent this, lightly wrap a strip of plastic wrap (yes … common kitchen wrap such as gladwrap) around the spool leaving the thread free to feed from the top of the spool.


How can I identify the spool colour?
There should be a 4 digit colour code number printed on the base of each spool. (The thread in the photo below is colour number 5003)


How can I easily identify the thread weight?
Each Aurifil thread is packaged on a coloured spool coded according to thread weight:
Red SpoolsNe12 Cotton Mako’
Ne 12 Lana wool blend
Grey spools: Ne 28  Cotton Mako’
Orange spools: Ne 50 Cotton Mako’
Green spoolsNe 40 Cotton Mako’ 
White spoolsNe 36 Aurilux


How can I keep the thread tails tidy on the spool?
The base of the spool holder is designed to click on & off the spool shaft and can be used to lock the thread tail in place to prevent the spool unravelling.


How should I place the Aurifil spools onto my domestic sewing machine?
Watch this short video from Pat Sloan to see the best way to use Aurifil spools on your sewing machine.